Next Parade Meeting: The 4th Warm Springs 2009 Parade Meeting – April 15, 2009 ; 7:15 p.m., at the Warm Springs Cabana Club (map) – PARADE_2009_MEETING_SCHEDULE

A reminder that the Fremont Fourth of July Parade 2009
will be rotating to the Warm Springs District this year.

Get Involved: We are currently preparing for the 2009 Parade, and need your help. Many volunteers, parade entries, and sponsors are needed to make this year’s event a success. Please click on the link below for a list of documents that provide information on how you can get involved – PARTICIPATION INFORMATION

This annual event is completely organized, financially supported and run by the greater Fremont area community and hundreds of volunteers on the front lines and behind the scenes. It is not a city-sponsored event at this time.

We welcome business, corporate and/or individual contributions at any time. Checks can be made payable and send to Fremont Fourth of July parade, P.O. Box 641372, Fremont, CA 94538. Contributions not used are carried over from one year to the next. (or one district to the next) as the parade rotates throughout the city of Fremont among the original historical districts.

Thanks! Thank you to all of the wonderful organizations and groups who participated in last year’s Fremont Fourth of July Parade in the Centerville District. A huge thank you to all of our financial sponsors and awesome volunteers!

We also want to thank all of the participants who entered the “theme and logo” contest for the Warm Springs parade. The deadline was October 1, 2008. Previous years’ themes included Let Freedom Ring, Looking Back Looking Forward, America Sings, American the Beautiful. We are finalizing the choice for the winning entry, and will be posting the new theme and logo shortly.

Thank you again, and see you this year in Warm Springs!